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9 out of 10

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*Results based on a randomized survey of Origin Hybrid Pro owners conducted in October 2022
*Based on a randomized survey conducted in October 2022


Learn more about the HEXAGRID Plus and its unique properties

What is the HexaGrid Plus Orthopedic Layer?
HexaGrid Plus is the signature orthopedic layer in our mattress. It was developed over thousands of hours of research to achieve the goldilock zone for pressure comfort & comfort, enhanced back support and temperature regulation. It's a superior to the HexaGrid found in our hybrid model in 2 main ways:
  1. Its composition includes a signature cooling ingredient, making it 50% more effective at keeping the body cool
  2. It is 2x thicker than HexaGrid, offering 3x more pressure relief
Is the HexaGrid Plus Orthopedic Layer soft or firm?
Trick question - it's both! The HexaGrid Plus is divided into 3 thirds. The flat midsection is firmer to offer your back extra support to keep it strong and healthy; and the ends are softer to offer soothing comfort to the legs and shoulder. Furthermore, the layer is made of with a patent-pending, uniquely adaptable blend. It conforms to your body, knowing where to apply soft comfort and where to provide firmer support. Making Origin Mattresses feel different, and your sleep better.
How does the Origin Hybrid Pro regulate temperature?
The mattress uses our new innovative SmartClimate cooling system. With most mattresses, heat is trapped between the body and the mattress, increasing body temperature - which in turn increases the likelihood of insomnia and leads to less restful sleep. To fix this, our SmartClimate system consists of 8 cooling layers built to carry heat away from the body to deeper parts of the mattress, where it is then released into the surrounding environment. One of the key drivers of this system is our graphite-infused latex layer. This layer helps speed up and prolong the cooling process as graphite is the world's greatest thermal conductor at room temperature, making it a phenomenal cooling ingredient.
How do lab tests prove the superior pressure-relief & comfort of HexaGrid Plus?
Pressure maps are used to capture the pressure on different joints when real humans lie on a mattress. By using persons of different weights and testing against different mattresses, and tweaking the HexaGrid Plus composition close to 45 times, we arrived at the elasticity that best distributes weight for the greatest pressure relief & comfort possible.

The most risk-free purchase in the UK

How does the 200-day money-back guarantee work?
The 200-day trial begins when the mattress is delivered to your home.
Once the mattress has arrived, all you have to do is test the mattress in the comfort of your home.
If you feel the mattress is not for you, kindly email our customer support team with your order details. You can contact them directly through: [email protected].
We will pick up your mattress at home for free, and donate it to the British Heart Foundation.
Is the return really 100% free?
Yes, 100% money-back guaranteed, no hidden charges. We can afford to do this because close to 100% of customers are satisfied with their mattress, making the return rate negligible
Is the return process super quick and easy?
It couldn't be easier. Simply email us at [email protected] with your order number and reason for refund. And we will process it right away!
Where does my mattress go once returned?
Every refunded mattress is donated to British Heart Foundation to be donated to a person in need. This not only lends a helping hand to those that need it, but also minimises harm to the environment!

Other Questions

What type of bedframe do you recommend?
Any flat bedframe will work well with the Origin Mattress (slats too). You can even use it on the floor if you like! However we don't recommend using the mattress with an adjustable bed base as it might damage the comfort pocket springs in the long run.
Does the mattress need to be rotated?
Most mattresses do, but not the Origin Hybrid Pro. Our Titanium Springs are custom-built to keep their shape while supporting the maximum recommended weight daily without rotation