5 Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors in UK 2024

Waterproof Mattress can help against spills

Worried about coffee or wine spills risking stains on your dear mattress? A waterproof mattress protector would have you covered. Nothing is more heartbreaking than having to make a big purchase because you didn’t take care of them in the first place. As we all know, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Furthermore, these covers can help to keep parasites such as bedbugs and dust mites away- which can be a huge menace whenever present. These protectors act as a shield for your mat, thus preventing several external factors from reducing its lifespan. Others even come with an extra layer of cushioning, tailored to provide a cooling and cosy effect for top-level sleeping comfort.

Waterproof VS Non Waterproof Mattress Protectors

When it comes to personal preferences, some people tend to go for waterproof mattress protectors for a variety of reasons. Although waterproof covers might relatively limit sleeping comfort, it is easy to clean. They have a foam membrane to not only protect your mattress when they rustle with movement, most people choose them because they are way more hygienic, protect accidental spills, dirt and stains, but also make it difficult for bed bugs to penetrate

Origin Hybrid Mattress — Best in UK

Before diving into more details about mattress protectors, if you are looking for a mattress that is durable and spill resistant, look no further. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is the #1 value for your money mattress. With enhanced motion isolation technology, you will never have to worry about your drink toppling. Be Origin’s next happy customer and get 40% Off when purchasing the Origin Hybrid Mattress. Origin Mattress is considered one of the top picks in the UK market, and comes highly recommended by leading Sleep Experts in the country. Good sleep is guaranteed!

Outstanding Features

  • 100% Natural Tencel™
  • HexaGrid Orthopaedic Layer
  • Premium Australian Wool Material
  • Natural Bamboo Foam
  • Edge Support (CertiPUR-US® Certified) 
  • Antigravity Springs
  • Hand-crafted pillow top for deep pressure relief

Origin offers a 200-day trial for buyers to experience the next-level comfort its mattresses are sure to provide. Delivery is free and the mattress arrives at your doorstep in 2-8 days along with an unprecedented 15-year warranty!

How To Choose The Right Waterproof Mattress Protector in UK

Different people prioritise different features when choosing the ‘perfect’ mattress protector. Features include waterproofing extent (Splash or Water Resistant), breathability, comfort and more. 

Let’s delve deeper into the factors we ought to contemplate on, when buying a waterproof mattress protector.

Material: Most protectors are made of synthetic materials like cotton and wool. Their prices vary based on the type of material used. Cotton mattress protectors are known to be relatively soft, breathable, and durable. However, they are the most expensive too.

Waterproofing Extent: Waterproof mattress protectors stop spillages from staining your mattress. One downside of waterproof covers is that they might rustle with movement and are not as breathable as non-waterproof protectors, thus decreasing their level of comfort.

Washability: To maintain your mattress protector’s freshness and hygiene, you’re advised to go for something that is easy to wash whenever necessary. You’re recommended to wash your cover every 3-5 weeks, or even more regularly if spillages tend to happen. You should therefore consider a model that is built for dry, machine cleaning.

5 Best Mattress Protectors In UK

1. Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector 

Panda Bamboo offers the best mattress protectors built to lengthen your mattress’ lifespan. They even performed a spill test on this protector which showcased its waterproofing capability. No matter what spills or stains were inflicted on it, the protector can be machine-washed and dried to retain its original structure. 

The model comes in varying sizes, from cot to emperor, and is utterly comfortable to sleep on. No noises or rustling whatsoever when turning around. Made out of 70% bamboo (top), 30% cotton, 100% waterproof; skirting polyester, this mattress protector also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

2. Eve the Mattress Protector 

Not only can this protector handle hot meal spills, it can also take care of heavy sweats during broiling nights. Its Neotherm coating has been proven to meet expectations for preventing leaks from damaging your mattress. Simply machine wash the protector to maintain its cleanliness, and conveniently tumble dry it after. Sizes run from single to super king, made out of 100% cotton (top), 100% waterproof polyurethane layer. This protector comes with a 2 year guarantee.

3. REM-Fit Cooling Mattress Protector 

If you hate waking up feeling all wet and sticky after a long, balmy night, then a REM-Fit mattress protector is what you’ve been missing. This quilted, hypoallergenic, waterproof mattress protector will make all the heat vanish. However, the fabric is known to be quite slippery which means that keeping some bed sheets gripped throughout can be a hassle. Sizes for this protector runs from EU single to UK super king, and has a guarantee of 5 years.

4. Tempur Fit Waterproof Mattress Protector

Coming in as one of the most efficient, waterproof mattress protectors in the UK market, it’s, admittedly, a pricey option to consider. However, you’re definitely paying for the value it gives you. Don’t let its feather-thin appearance deceive you, the Tempur Fit mattress protector is actually one of the best in the market. 

It won’t let a single drop or spill from your drink get through! It is hypoallergenic, easy to wash, and easy to fold. As long as you keep an eye on its delicate skirting which can be quite prone to tears. Although this mattress protector provides great quality, it is the only non anti-allergy one on this list. Sizes run from small single to super king, and have a guarantee of 3 years. This protector is made out of 100% tencel (top) and a 100% polyurethane-waterproof layer.

5. Marks and Spencer Waterproof Mattress Protector 

This mattress protector will take care of all the spills and stains you’ve been worrying about while being a very discrete option, with no rustling. This protector comes quilted to give you extra comfort, and can be machine washed. Comprising cotton (outer), polypropylene (reverse) and polyester filling, this protector provides a good balance between water resistance and anti-rustling.


If you are looking to purchase a waterproof protector, why not get the Origin Hybrid Mattress to fully complement and upgrade your sleep space! Its motion isolating properties coupled with a high quality mattress protector makes for a spill proof environment. We highly recommend the Origin Hybrid Mattress for toddlers, adults and the elderly. The Origin Hybrid Mattress comes with a 200-night trial, free delivery and returns, a 100% no questions asked refund and a 15-year warranty.

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