Vispring Mattress Review 2024

Vispring Elite Mattress VS Origin Hybrid Mattress

Vispring or Vi-Spring as they were previously known is one of the oldest brands in the UK. The brand has been around since 1901 and has been catering to the luxury mattress industry. The brand heavily focuses on adding the most luxurious materials that are all derived from natural resources. These include things like horsetail, wool, and cashmere to name a few.

Unfortunately, these high-end materials come at a price and this is why Vispring is one of the more expensive brands. It would take a lot of time and research to make sure that you are willing to spend this much on a mattress. Fortunately, the science-backed Origin Hybrid Mattress provides you with high-quality materials at an affordable price. Are you ready to see how they compare?

About Vispring Mattress

Thanks to their years of experience, Vispring has certainly made a difference in the market and they are a force to be reckoned with. Many people would consider the brand for the luxurious materials, but get awfully shocked when they need to shell out the funds needed to buy one of them.

Vispring Elite Mattress Vs Origin Hybrid Mattress

Materials play a huge role in encouraging people to buy mattresses, but there are a variety of other factors to keep in mind as well. Using four of the most common features for buying a mattress, we can see how the Vispring mattress would compare to some of the other brands like Origin. Let’s dive in!

1. Number Of Layers

The Vispring mattress might not have as many layers as other mattress options, but every part of the mattress is handcrafted. Visibly, there are 3 layers in the mattress, which consist of the pocket springs, a foam layer, and a material layer. These layers are thick to give you an exceptionally comfortable mattress design

On the other hand, the Origin mattress boasts around 6 layers that you can use. These layers consist of the 100% Tencel Fabric Layer, A Premium Australian Wool Layer, Natural Bamboo Foam Layer, CertiPUR-US® certified Edge Support, Antigravity springs, and a HexaGrid Orthopaedic Layer. Once  combined, they offer a scientific level of comfort that is hard to beat.

Winner: In terms of the number of layers, Origin certainly wins. They have more layers that have been carefully selected to add value to the overall product. 

2. Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is one of the most important aspects of a mattress. People with pets or partners that move around alot during sleep definitely need motion isolation in a mattress. The pocket-sprung Vispring mattress features a staggering 1200+ springs that would help regulate the pressure. It would ensure that weight is easily distributed throughout the mattress.

However, the Origin Hybrid Mattress takes it one step further and combines a variety of aspects that make the mattress stand out. The mattress consists of antigravity springs, which uses high-quality steel LumbarCoils™. These offer a solid weight-to-strength ratio that improves durability and evenly spreads the weight.

Winner: Both mattress options have good motion isolation. However, the LumbarCoils™ of the Origin Hybrid Mattress puts it on top.

3. Temperature Regulation

When it comes to the right temperature, we should all know that the Goldilocks zone for sleep is 18.3°C. The Vispring brand offers you a variety of different options, which means depending on the materials of the mattress, it might be hotter or colder. This is great for some people, but heavily relies on the upholstery chosen.

Origin is an all-in-one mattress and features more than 10,000 perforated holes spread throughout the design. These holes would easily allow the hot air to escape thanks to the HexaGrid Orthopaedic layer. According to some tests, this has proven to keep the temperature as close to 18.3°C as possible. This will give you optimal sleep.

Origin Hybrid Mattress

Winner: The Origin Hybrid Mattress is backed by science and it feels like Vispring is aesthetically driven. For those looking for the ultimate sleeping temperature, we cannot see Vispring beat Origin.

4. Price And Value

The final piece of the selection process is also one of the most important. Price is something we all need to deal with. Thanks to the luxurious materials and the handcrafted design of the Vispring mattress, it is one of the most expensive options on the market today. Additionally, it can take plenty of time to build one and have it delivered.

On the other hand, Origin offers a bed-in-a-box experience, which is already ideal for your needs. You can have it delivered for free in around 2-8 business days and it is backed by a solid 15-year warranty. Additionally, the 200-night risk-free sleep trial ensures you have plenty of time to test the features.

Winner: Origin is the more affordable option and is a steal when we look at the features provided. 


Vispring is indeed popular and many of the elites prefer quality and luxury. However, luxury does not guarantee optimal sleep. The Origin Hybrid Matches far excels Vispring mattresses, at a vastly more affordable price point.

If you head over to the Origin store now, you can get a 40% discount on your next mattress and the 200-day risk-free sleep trial gives you more than 6 months to test out the features. Each mattress is backed by a 15-year warranty as well. You won’t need to wait months either as the mattress would arrive within 2 to 8 business days. Improve your sleep today!

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