10 Best Travel Cot Mattress in UK 2024

Parents and families are ready to hit the road after the ease of Covid-19 restrictions. A fun road trip or holiday can also make for a tiring journey, especially when bringing a newborn along. You might be concerned about your baby’s comfort and their sleeping arrangements. That’s where a Travel Cot Mattress can make your life so much easier! With its innovative foldable design, you can easily take a it anywhere you want. 

A travel cot mattress is the perfect choice to cover your baby’s comfort anywhere, anytime. In addition, it can double as a playpen to provide your little one with a comfy playground. Travel cots are light, handy to carry, and easy to fold- perfect for anyone on the run. Travel cot mattresses have come a long way; they are no longer just cheaply made pieces of foam, they are now much more sophisticated and easier to fold, bringing a whole different meaning to convenience. 

What To Look For in a Travel Cot Mattress

Before comparing different options  available for a travel cot mattress in the UK 2024, here are a few things you should consider before purchasing one.


Weight is the most crucial factor as you will carry it around wherever you travel. Make sure it is not too heavy as you are also bringing the travel cot itself.


Travel cot mattresses come in two different materials, foam and innerspring. It depends on which one you prefer. However, we recommend foam mattresses as they are more lightweight and affordable than spring mattresses.


Comfort and safety are the top priority for the baby, and you should consider these factors very carefully. The mattress should fit snugly and  leave no gaps between the mattress and the cot as this could be dangerous.


Since most travel cot mattresses will be folded and unfolded repeatedly, it is common for the weak areas to give after some usage. Hence, it’s essential to consider the durability. Ensure that the mattress material is sufficiently thick, Also, spills and stains may potentially affect how long you can use cotton covers for, so try to go for mattresses with waterproof covers or removable covers that can be washed.


Most mattresses come in standard sizes. However, many options are available nowadays, such as mini-cribs and bassinets. Make sure to find a mattress appropriate size to snuggle fit your baby in it.


While choosing a mattress, ensure it’s breathable or fitted with anti-allergic polyurethane foam filling. This foam filling is designed for newborn babies to avoid suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


A firmer mattress is usually ideal for infants to better prevent suffocation and SIDS. The mattress should not be soft enough for there to be any indentations.

10 Best Travel Cot Mattresses

Here is a list of the 10 best travel cot mattresses to give your little ones the comfort they deserve.

  1. Mother Nurture Premium Foam Foldable Travel Cot Mattress

The Mother Nurture Foldable mattress is a lightweight and comfortable option. The mattress is easy to fold and made with hypoallergenic fabric, which makes it a soft yet firm mattress for your baby. Durability is assured with this one as this mattress is tested to the highest British standards for quality assurance.

  1. Samuel Johnston Travel Cot Safety Foam Mattress

The Samuel Johnston Travel Cot Safety Foam Mattress is filled with non-toxic, hypoallergenic foam to ensure comfort and durability. The base material of the mattress is made with high-quality PVC to avoid any water damage from spills. The breathable mesh at the head section makes this mattress safe for your baby by encouraging airflow. It is super easy to fold and take with you on trips without any trouble.

  1. Baby Elegance Foldable Travel Cot Mattress

The Baby Elegance Foldable Travel Cot Mattress is a fully breathable, comfy mattress for your baby that prevents overheating for undisrupted sleep. This mattress’s fully breathable structure ensures that your baby’s temperature remains optimized for a comfortable sleep. It comes with its own travel bag, so you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

  1. BabyDan Extra Thick Deep Padded Travel Cot Mattress

The BabyDan Extra Thick Deep Padded Travel Cot Mattress is the perfect option for large baby cots with its massive design featuring a 5cm thick layer for added comfort and support. Despite its thickness, it still folds easily, making it extremely portable. An added bonus is that it comes with a clean wipe surface, making messes manageable and simple to clean. It is also in accordance with UK safety regulations.

  1. BABY REX® New Travel COT Mattress

The BABY REX® New Travel COT Mattress is the most affordable option on our list with its super comfy design. This mattress is fitted with eco-friendly polyester that is hypoallergenic for toxin-free comfortable nights. It comes with a water-resistant quilt cover which makes the mattress easy to maintain.

  1. Cuggl 95 x 65cm Foam Cot Mattress

The Cuggl 95 x 65cm Foam Cot Mattress is the wise choice if you prefer an extra comfortable mattress. This mattress is filled with hypoallergenic baby-safe foam, making it free of harmful chemicals. The mattress cover is breathable and resistant to water, which makes it compatible with cleaning in washing machines.

  1. George Extra Thick Travel Cot Mattress

The George Extra Thick Travel Cot Mattress is another affordable yet comfortable option for your little one. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to transport. The water-resistant cover is fully breathable and it even features an open-top structure for better airflow. Its thick structure is highly durable and offers perfect value for the price.

  1. Travelmat Travel Cot Mattress

The Travelmat travel cot mattress is a luxurious choice with its handmade design and super comfortable surface. This mattress might cost a bit more than the usual ones, but it is filled with organic lambswool for softness and insulation. It’s also free of chemicals, making it a non-toxic and safe option for the little one.

  1. Alvi Travel Cot Mattress

The Alvi travel cot mattress is a rather affordable yet durable option to give your little one a comfy travel experience. This mattress is filled with polyurethane foam that offers the right level of firmness for your child. The zip-over cover is made from 100% cotton which is washable and can be removed for cleaning.

  1. Porter And Lambert Travel Cot Foam Mattress

The Porter And Lambert Travel Cot Foam Mattress is a soft, supportive mattress to give your baby a comfortable sleeping experience. It has pocketed coils and features an open-cell foam layer for better airflow. 

Ways To Make Your Travel Cot More Comfortable

Here are a couple of ways to make the travel cot more comfortable for your baby.

  • After putting on the mattress, if you feel like the surface is too hard, try placing an extra layer of towel or blanket underneath to make it more comfortable.
  • You can also place a memory foam mattress topper to fit perfectly in the cot without disturbing your baby’s comfort.


Travel cots ensure your baby’s safety and comfort while traveling on road trips or holidays as it provides a safe and familiar (with prolonged usage) environment for the baby. A perfectly nestled travel cot can help relieve parents from worrying about the comfort of their little ones. Nowadays, travel cots can be used for various purposes even when you’re not traveling, making it a worthwhile investment. Definitely get one if you are planning on catching up on all the traveling you’ve missed during Covid-19!

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