Origin vs Tempur 2024

Why Tempur Buyers Are Choosing Origin Instead

With a lot of mattress choices in the UK market, it may be hard to find the right one that is tailored to suit diverse preferences and needs. Among the many options, would be the Tempur Supreme Hybrid Mattress. This comparison seeks to enlighten our customers with each of their distinctive features and benefits, simplifying your decision-making process and why choosing Origin is the right mattress that promises not just rest, but rejuvenation in every sleep.

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Mattress Criteria



Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

Tempur Supreme Hybrid Mattress

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"T3 Platinum Award" by T3

✓ (5/5 rating)


Mattress of the Year Winner


Product of The Year Winner


Choice® Recommended Award Winner


Endorsed by Professional Athletes


Designed by Orthopedics


Clinical Sleep Trials


Tencel cover




Cooling Graphite


Comfort Foam

Cooling Foam


Bamboo-infused wool



Pocketed Springs

Spring Height



Number of Springs

Up to 5,712

Up to 1,500

Ergonomic Zones for Spinal Alignment



Pressure Relief

Edge Support

Quality Marks & Certificates

CertiPUR-US® & CeriOEKO-TEX®

CertiPUR-US® certified, The Certified Space Technology™

Available Sizes

Single (90x190cm)
Small Double (120x190cm)
Double (135x190cm)
King (150x200cm)
Super King (180x200cm)

Long Single (90cm x 190cm)
Double ( 135cm x 190cm)
King (150cm x 200cm)
Double King ( 180cm x 200cm)

Trial Period

200 days

200 days


15 years

10 Years

100% Free Returns

*Table is accurate as of 1 Apr 2024

1. The Origin Hybrid Pro saves you a whopping 41% when compared to the Tempur Supreme Hybrid Mattress

Purchasing an Origin Hybrid Pro translates to an impressive 41% cost saving when stacked against the Tempur Supreme Hybrid Mattress. Priced at £529.00 for the single size, the Origin Hybrid Pro is significantly more budget-friendly than the Tempur’s £749.00 price tag. This £220 saving is not just about being economical; it’s about choosing a mattress that blends advanced technology, comfort, and sustainability—all while being mindful of the consumer’s finances. Origin’s competitive pricing ensures that the latest in mattress innovation is accessible without compromising on quality, making it the savvy choice for UK buyers.


2. Origin provides an additional 5 years warranty of 15 years and an additional 100 days trial period of 200 days, compared to Tempur’s 10-year warranty and just 100 days trial period

The Origin Hybrid Pro offers an impressive 15-year warranty, extending an additional five years beyond Tempur’s 10-year guarantee. This extended warranty period underscores Origin’s confidence in their mattress’s enduring quality and resilience. In the long run, this means more reassurance for you, knowing that your investment is protected for a longer time.

Moreover, the Origin Hybrid Pro invites you to test the comfort and quality of their mattress with a 200-day trial period, doubling the industry-standard 100 days offered by Tempur. This extended trial period reflects Origin’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and provides ample time for you to fully adapt to and appreciate the comfort and support of the mattress in the comfort of your own home. This combination of an extended warranty and trial period demonstrates Origin’s dedication to providing their customers with a risk-free purchase and a trustworthy, customer-first approach.


3. Origin Hybrid Pro uses an innovative cooling graphite layer, the world’s best heat conductor to drive heat regulation, compared to Tempur Supreme Hybrid’s regular foam

Origin Hybrid Pro offers an innovative edge with its integration of cooling graphite within its comfort foam layers, surpassing the cooling properties of the Tempur Supreme Hybrid, which relies solely on standard cooling foam.

Graphite, a material with exceptional thermal conductivity, actively draws heat away from the body, ensuring that sleepers stay cool throughout the night. This advanced technology in the Origin mattress not only enhances the quality of sleep by regulating temperature more effectively but also differentiates it for those who prioritise a cooler sleeping environment.

The proactive approach to cooling demonstrates Origin’s commitment to combining comfort with cutting-edge material science, providing a distinctively cooler and more comfortable rest than its Tempur counterpart.


4. The Origin Hybrid Pro is 31cm thick, 10cm more than Tempur’s 21cm, providing an extra layer of comfort and support

The Origin Hybrid Pro boasts a 31cm thickness, which is substantially more than the 21cm thickness of the Tempur Supreme Hybrid Mattress. This significant difference in thickness contributes to a more robust mattress structure, offering enhanced durability and longevity.

A thicker mattress can better withstand the test of time and continuous use, maintaining its shape and supportive qualities. Additionally, the extra thickness in the Origin mattress allows for more layers of comfort and support, improving overall sleep quality by ensuring deeper cushioning and better body alignment. This added volume is particularly beneficial for individuals who value a plush sleeping surface and those who require more substantial support from their mattress.


5. Origin Mattress has been awarded with multiple awards such as the “T3 Platinum Award” by T3 and Best Hybrid Mattress, 2023 by Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI), but not Tempur Mattress

Origin Hybrid Pro has swept the board with accolades, including “T3 Platinum Award” by T3 and a “Best Hybrid Mattress, 2024” award by Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI), signifying its exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. These awards underscore the mattress’s superior design and innovation, compared to Tempur’s Supreme Hybrid Mattress, which hasn’t received such honours. The backing of industry experts and consumers alike gives you more than just a mattress; it offers a vote of confidence.

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