Silent Night Mattress Review 2024

There are a lot of pleasures in life but few come anywhere close to the feeling of a good night’s sleep. In fact, chances are you still remember the last time you slept very well and woke up feeling amazingly refreshed. That’s how pleasant a good night’s sleep can be. But if you can’t remember the last time you slept well, then it is high time to change your mattress.

Now there are quite a number of different mattress brands on the market so choosing the right one for your home can be quite challenging. Not to worry though, because in this article, we’ll be conducting a review of two of the best mattresses on the market; the Origin Hybrid Mattress and one of Silent Night’s best mattresses. 

About Silent Night

Silent Night is one of the more popular mattress brands in the UK. For years, the Silent Night Brand has remained committed to its mission of improving sleep experiences. By virtue of their longevity in the business of mattress-making, the Silent Night brand has an expansive catalog filled with different types and sizes of mattresses so consumers get to choose different mattress options and settle on one that’s a perfect fit for their needs.

Silent Night Mattress Vs. Origin Mattress

As mentioned earlier, the Silent Night brand has lots of different mattresses which means it’ll be impossible to review each of these individually. So for the purpose of this article, we’ll be comparing Silent Night’s Just Snug Memory Hybrid Mattress with the Origin Hybrid Mattress since they are the most similar. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Temperature Regulation

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night all sweaty, hot, and uncomfortable? You’re not the only one and this is precisely why you need a mattress that offers excellent temperature regulation. A mattress with a temperature regulation feature is designed to ensure your body remains in the correct temperature range for optimal sleep.

To provide temperature regulation, the Just Snug Memory Hybrid Mattress utilizes a breathable build that helps to allow airflow throughout the mattress. However, in terms of temperature regulation, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is superior because not only is it breathable as well, but it also has a cooling gel memory foam layer that helps to keep your body perfectly cool at all times. The patent-pending Hexagrid layer is infused with cooling gel particles that serve to keep your body as close to 18.3°C -the ideal sleep temperature- as possible. Cool… right?

2. Motion Isolation

Next up, we have motion isolation. The Just Snug Memory Hybrid Mattress comes with an impressive build that features a body-hugging memory foam layer that excellently conforms to your body and reduces motion transfer.

While that’s pretty great, the Origin Hybrid Mattress comes out on top in this category. This is because aside from also having a memory foam layer, this amazing mattress also has inbuilt pocket springs that effectively restrict motion transfer to the minimum. In fact, the Origin Hybrid Mattress’ motion isolation is so good that someone can repeatedly get on and off the other side of the bed and you wouldn’t feel a thing on your end of the bed. 

3. Support

Everybody wants a mattress that’s comfortable to sleep in. However, some people mistake comfort for softness. If your mattress is too soft, meaning it offers practically no support, you’ll likely wake up with aches all over your back and body. So you need a mattress that offers excellent support for your back.

The Silent Night mattress has a medium-soft rating while the Origin Hybrid Mattress is considered medium-firm. Soft mattresses are great for those relatively younger who can do without any support. But for most, no support means that their pressure points are not cradled, which is why you can be prone to waking up with aches all over your body. Sleeping on a firm mattress that is firm enough to offer optimal support for your spine, back and neck, is the best thing you can do for your body. If you are still looking for a soft mattress, even after knowing all its cons, then the Silent Night mattress is the one for you. If you require more support and would like to wake up pain-free, then the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the mattress for you. 

4. Trials and Returns Policy

At first blush, it will seem like Silent Night has the superior trials and returns policy, with its 365 Night Comfort Guarantee. However, this guarantee comes with many strings attached. For starters, if you would like a full refund, you will have to contact them within 14 days of receiving the mattress. However, 14 days is not nearly long enough for anyone to discern if the mattress is right for them! Next, once the 14 days are up, you will only get to exchange your mattress for another. In comparison, Origin is far superior in these aspects. You get a 200-night trial to fully test the mattress out. If you are not satisfied with your mattress, feel free to contact their customer service to arrange for your return. Origin promises a no-questions-asked policy and you will get your 100% refund just like that! 

5. Price

The Origin Hybrid Mattress costs £299.00 while the Silent Night Memory Hybrid Mattress is valued at £439.00. So once again, Origin wins in this category, making it the more pocket-friendly option of the two. Plus, it doesn’t compromise on quality even though it is so much more affordable.

In Summary

Silent Night Mattress

Origin Hybrid Mattress

Temperature Regulation

Motion Isolation


Trials and Returns

365 nights

- Exchange only

200 nights

- Free pick up and full refund

Price (Single)




Want a mattress that offers you a luxurious sleeping experience without your having to break the bank? If you do, then the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the perfect option for you. Get one today and enjoy a 200-night trial, an amazing 40% off discount, free shipping, a 15-year warranty, and so much more!

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