Origin Mattress Interview by Sleep Hero (2024)

We are delighted to share insights from our Assistant Head of Marketing, Ms. Charlotte Yap, as she engages in an exclusive interview with Sleep Hero, a renowned team of sleep enthusiasts and experts revered for their extensive testing of sleep products.

The Sleep Hero, aims to simplify the sleep product landscape. With a passion for enhancing sleep quality, they offer honest, fair, and in-depth reviews to help demystify mattress choices. Their dedication has made them a trusted advisor in the UK’s sleep industry, recognized as a top destination for reviews and guidance.

While our partnership with Sleep Hero has been long-standing, Sleep Hero is interested in learning more about how Origin was founded, and what inspired it to focus on sleep products.

In this interview, Ms. Yap has illuminated Origin’s journey in revolutionizing the sleep industry, highlighting the brand’s founding principles, core values, strategic partnerships, product offerings, quality assurance measures, customer-centric approach, environmental initiatives, and future aspirations.

Furthermore, Origin’s commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted, with a belief that the modern consumer deserves a seamless shopping experience. Hence, they offer a generous 200-day trial period allowing for a full refund if unsatisfied, along with complimentary shipping, returns, and a remarkable 15-year mattress warranty.

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