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You must value your sleep quality and remain active and focused throughout life’s hectic routines. A healthy mind depends most importantly on how restfully you sleep at night. This means that you have to choose a good mattress to ensure that you can sleep comfortably in any position without affecting your muscles or body temperature. Therefore, we have written a detailed Noa mattress review 2023 for you to decide if it is the mattress for you. In our review, we will compare Noa Mattress with the award-winning Origin Hybrid Mattress in terms of the quality, price, number of layers, firmness and temperature regulation.

Comparison of Origin Mattress and Noa Mattress

Here we have featured a detailed comparison of the Noa Home Luxe Mattress with the Origin Hybrid Mattress to see which one is better and why. Let’s start by comparing the technical features and price factors.

Brand and Model

Origin Hybrid Mattress

(King Size)

Noa Home Luxe Mattress

(King Size)





25 cm

30 cm

Mattress Layers



Foam Type

Cooling Gel with Memory Foam

Cooling Gel with Memory Foam

Motion Isolation

Free Delivery & Returns

Trial Period

200 Days

120 Nights


15 Years

15 Years

Mattress Layers

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has a 6-layer design with 100% natural Tencel at the top to cool and cradle your body luxuriously. The second section contains the HexaGrid Orthopedic Layer for optimal pressure relief and ultimate comfort. It also comes infused with cooling gel particles to keep you cool throughout the night. The third layer contains Premium Australian Wool for better air circulation. The fourth layer has Natural Bamboo foam fitted to provide extra support. The fifth layer of Edge support keeps the edge from buckling, especially important for those who struggle with getting in and out of bed. Lastly, the 6th layer contains Antigravity springs, individually pocketed to ensure that motion is isolated. It is also what makes the mattress firm enough to mitigate back problems.

On the other hand, the Noa Home Luxe mattress features 7 layers, with some repeated layers that do not seem to provide unique or additional comfort. The first layer features a hand-tufted breathable Tencel pillow. The second and third layers have memory foam and cooling gel fitted to maintain your body temperature. The fourth layer contains micro-coils for better comfort support. There is a fifth layer of adaptive transition foam for better movement support. The sixth layer features ergonomic pocket springs for better support and breathability. And finally, to keep all of this in place, the seventh layer of poly-knit sides gives extra support to minimize wrinkles on the fabric.

In my opinion, I believe the HexaGrid layer of the Origin mattress essentially does the same job as the second, third, and fourth layers of the Noa Luxe mattress. Therefore, the construction of the Origin Hybrid Mattress is more sophisticated.

Temperature Regulation

The Noa Luxe Mattress only features a thin layer of cooling gel infused with memory foam that helps regulate body temperature to roughly 20°C for a comforting and relaxing sleep. Furthermore, memory foam is known to trap heat. With 2 layers of memory foam, the Noa Luxe Mattress may not be the most thermally conductive mattress. 

The HexaGrid layer of the Origin Hybrid Mattress is infused with cooling particles that help keep your body temperature as close as 18.3°C, which is the ideal temperature for sleeping. The uppermost layer of Tencel boosts this temperature regulation, making the mattress all the more breathable and cooling.


The Noa Luxe mattress is more on the firm side with its double layer of memory foam, and scores an 8/10 on the firmness level scale. The mattress may thus be a bit top stiff for soft, comforting sleep that most people are looking for. Unless you are looking for a firm mattress specifically, you will likely find the Noa Luxe Mattress too hard.

While the special HexaGrid structure of the Origin Hybrid mattress achieves the perfect balance between firmness and softness. Coming in at 6.5/10 on the firmness level scale, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is soft enough to deliver plush comfort and firm enough to ensure optimal spinal and back support. I find that this is highly versatile as it fits a variety of sleep positions and provides the best of both worlds for couples who have differing preferences. 

Origin Hybrid Mattress Hexagrid Layer

Support Design

The 5 zones of pocket springs in the 6th layer of the Noa Luxe mattress are designed to provide superior back support. However, the many layers covering it will likely muffle this effect. As such, many have said the mattress simply feels hard and stiff all over. 

In comparison, the Origin Hybrid Mattress gives enhanced back support with its superior pressure relief technology. With individually-pocketed springs, the mattress is responsive to your body weight and pressure points. This helps in providing additional support to the areas that need it most. Such a design is perfect for those who suffer from back pain or joint pain.


In this review, we assessed all factors and elements with a detailed comparison to help you make the right choice. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is versatile and fits a variety of needs and preferences. You will never go wrong with it. Looking to get your hands on a plush and luxurious mattress today? Don’t miss the 40% OFF sale on Origin Hybrid Mattress! The mattress comes with 15 years warranty and free delivery all across the UK. Return the mattress before 200 days with a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied!

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