Nectar Mattress Review 2024

Starting in 2017, Nectar is one of the newer options in the UK. Though their following has grown quite a bit, they are facing fierce competition from Origin Mattress. With a setup of incredible, high-end features, Origin Mattress is steadily making its way into the industry as a leading brand.

Let’s find out which one is the best!

Nectar Vs Origin Mattress – Which Is Better?

With such stiff competition, the only way to determine the winner would be to look at a thorough comparison of the two brands. Having had the fortune of testing both mattresses, I have isolated a few features that would be great for discerning the winner. You should know exactly which one you need once we are done!

  1. Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is one of the first features that I have to look at. Thanks to my furry companion that likes to hop on and off the bed each night, it is super vital after a long day at work. A quick glance through their product page shows no information on their motion isolation technology. However, it performed surprisingly well in terms of motion isolation and did soften some of the movement from my restless dog, though I was still roused a couple of times through the night. 

In comparison, the Origin mattress has dedicated technology meant specifically to target the transfer of motion. Thanks to its Antigravity springs, in which all the springs in the mattress are individually wrapped, motion is mostly absorbed and does not transfer. This is because the springs are meant to move independently, so surrounding springs are not triggered with movement and this helps to stop any issues when your partner gets up at night.

Winner: In my personal experience, while the Nectar mattress did a decent job with motion isolation, Origin Mattress’s superior, dedicated technology far surpasses that.

  1. Temperature Regulation

The Nectar mattress seems to rely primarily on the uppermost quilted layer to cool your body. While it is undeniably cool to the touch initially, it quickly warms up with your body heat and does little to cool you. Additionally, the foam layer that is meant to circulate air does not do a very good job. Understandably so, as the mattress clearly was not meant to be cooling. 

On the other hand, Origin Mattress has tons of features meant to dissipate heat and keep your body cool. Starting from the top, the 100% natural Tencel is incredibly cool (and luxuriously soft) to the touch, immediately bringing your body heat down a notch. There is also a layer of premium Australian Wool that serves to circulate air. The Hexagrid memory foam is infused with cooling gel particles that help keep your body as close to 18.3°C, the ideal temperature for sleeping. 

Winner: In terms of temperature regulation, there is no way that I can choose any mattress over the Origin Hybrid Mattress.

  1. Price & Value

Price is often a deterring factor for many people when choosing a mattress and I have to say that Nectar mattresses tend to fall on the expensive side. Even their ‘budget version’, which I am using in this comparison, starts at a whopping £749 for a single. The mattresses would set you back a couple of hundred pounds, but leave you no better off than if you had gotten a cheap mattress.

Good sleep should be accessible for everyone, and Origin Mattress truly believes that. It is priced affordably at £299, a mere fraction of the price of a Nectar mattress. And yet, the mattress comes with exceptional features that far surpass Nectar.  Origin Mattress provides unparalleled price and value that no other brand on the market can compete with.

Winner: The Nectar mattress charges an extraordinary price for the bare minimum, but the Origin Hybrid Mattress that is less than half the price, delivers so many more benefits. 

  1. Warranty

Nectar offers what they call the “forever warranty”, in which there is no limitation on the warranty period. Its sleep trial is also 365-days, which is the longest in the market.  

On the other hand, Origin Mattress offers a 15-year warranty, which is more than sufficiently long as you are recommended to change your mattress every 8 years. Additionally, the 200-night sleep trial is also the perfect length for you to decide if the mattress is right for you. By the 6th month mark, you would definitely know if you want to continue sleeping on the mattress, an additional 165 days is not going to change anything.

Winner: Quantitatively, Nectar wins in this aspect.


Origin Mattress is undoubtedly the better and more affordable brand. Their patent-pending HexaGrid layer and unique features set them apart from other mattress brands like Nectar. 

Do get your Origin Hybrid Mattress as soon as possible because one you’ve slept on it, you will definitely regret not starting sooner. Buy your Origin Hybrid Mattress at 40% off now, with free delivery, 15 years warranty and 200-days sleep trial. You will never regret this purchase! 

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