5 Best Moses Basket Mattress in the UK 2024

Having a baby is a blessing; every parent wants to provide their infants with all the comforts in the world. An integral aspect of their comfort lies in their sleeping arrangements. If you are looking to get a moses basket for your little bundle of joy, look no further! Here is a comprehensive guide on what to look for, and the 5 best mattresses sold in the UK currently.

A moses basket is a sleeping space specially designed for infants of up to four months who weigh between 15 and 20 lbs. With so many bedding options and accessories available in the market for babies, such as cribs and co-sleepers, why should parents go with a Moses basket? The answer is pretty simple; a Moses basket is typically the most affordable and portable option. They can be carried easily from one room to another, making them a convenient option for parents who want to keep their baby close by. Having a moses basket is also extremely convenient as parents can safely place their infants on the bed, in the car, or anywhere else. It is also a compact sleeping option for babies, as it requires less space.

However, one drawback is that you will probably have to change the mattress that comes with it. These mattresses are typically low quality and do not provide adequate support and comfort to infants.

So, let’s discuss some of the top Moses basket mattresses available in the UK in 2024.

What To Look for in a Moses Basket Mattress?

Before diving into the best Moses basket mattresses, here are some key points you should know before making a purchase. 

  1. Accurate Size

The sizing of Moses basket mattress is a crucial aspect you should consider. There is no standard sizing when it comes to Moses baskets so not every mattress will be a perfect fit. Take note to measure the dimensions of the basket and find one that will fit properly. This is vital as a large gap between the mattress and the walls of the basket can pose a danger to your baby because there is a risk that their head or limbs may get trapped.

  1. Waterproofing

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a mattress is waterproofing. A waterproof shield will protect the mattress from any spills or leaks and make it easier to clean and maintain. This is particularly important as caring for an infant can get incredibly messy. Some mattresses come with a waterproof cover to protect the foam from getting wet. 

  1. Firmness

Firmness is also an integral point to consider when choosing a Moses basket mattress for your baby. Experts recommend a firm mattress to reduce the risk of suffocation and ensure your baby’s safety. Additionally, a firm mattress provides proper support for your baby’s developing spine and hips, promoting good posture and reducing the possibility of flat head syndrome.

  1. Buy One With Foam or Lambswool

When selecting a mattress, the 2 most common options are foam and lambswool. Both have their unique benefits and drawbacks. Foam mattresses are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. They are also more affordable. On the other hand, Lambswool mattresses are made from soft, natural materials and are incredibly comfortable for your baby to sleep on, but tend to be more expensive.

Five best Moses Basket Mattresses

Here is our list of the best Moses basket mattresses available in the UK; let’s dive into their specifications and features that make them stand out from hundreds of baby bedding options. 

Obaby Foam Moses Basket Mattress

Obaby’s foam Moses basket mattress guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep with its fully breathable, dent-resistant vented foam and hypoallergenic properties. Your child will sleep soundly on the 75 x 28cm foam Moses basket mattress, which features a washable cover for easy cleaning. It also in compliance with General Product Safety Regulations and UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations, so you can worry less. 

The Little Green Sheep Moses Basket Mattress

The Little Green Sheep’s Natural Moses basket mattress provides babies with a safe and comfortable sleep environment. It is made from natural materials and is chemical-free. This mattress has a breathable inner core for air circulation and a supportive yet soft outer layer for comfort. It is hypoallergenic and easy to clean, with a removable cover that can be washed. The core of Little Green Sheep’s Natural Moses basket mattress is made from a blend of Coconut fibres and Natural Latex, which form thousands of miniature springs to offer the firm support recommended by safe sleep specialists. 

John Lewis ANYDAY Basic Fibre Moses Basket Mattress

Create a supportive and cosy sleeping space for your baby with the fibre Moses basket mattress from the John Lewis ANYDAY collection. This mattress regulates the temperature of your infant’s sleeping environment for maximum comfort. To maintain cleanliness and lower the risk of allergies, it has a PVC-free cover with a micropore design that improves ventilation and air circulation and is machine washable. The fibre core of John Lewis ANYDAY Basic Fibre Moses Basket Mattress is balanced for both density and firmness, providing the ideal support for your child’s spine and comfort for a restful sleep.

Clair De Lune Moses Basket Fibre Mattress

The Clair de Lune Quilted Microfibre Moses Basket Mattress is the perfect choice for providing a comfortable and supportive sleep space for your baby. This mattress features a quilted microfibre cover that promotes air circulation and temperature regulation, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment for your little one. It also complies with British Standards, ensuring a safe and secure sleeping environment for your child. The Quilted Microfibre Moses Basket Mattress comes with a machine-washable protector, making it easy to keep clean and fresh for your baby’s slumber.

Mamas & Papas Small Moses Basket Mattress

Bring comfort and support to your little one’s sleep space with the Mamas & Papas Small Moses Basket Mattress. Designed for small Moses baskets, this mattress features a supportive fibre core that enhances airflow and helps regulate temperature for optimal comfort. The best part is that it is easy to clean, thanks to its fully washable inner core and removable, washable cover. Plus, it’s treated with Purotex technology, an active probiotic treatment against dust mites and allergens, as well as anti-allergy fabric and perspiration control treatments to provide added peace of mind.


As a parent, ensuring your baby’s safety while they sleep is a top priority. While Moses baskets are a popular choice for many, it’s essential to carefully consider all options and ensure that you select the right product for your little one.

It’s crucial to remember that infants grow and change quickly, often surpassing the size limit of their Moses basket within a few months. Therefore, investing in a Moses basket may not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run. When considering this purchase, weighing your baby’s growth prospects, personal finances, and specific needs are integral in making a decision.

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