10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses UK

Developed over 50 years ago, the memory foam mattress has become one of the best options for those who prioritise comfort above all else. Using a specialized blend of polyurethane, the memory foam mattress was born and offered a slow-response contour. While it did have some challenges, the recent tech improvements have made it one of the ultimate types of mattresses.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress? The memory foam mattress was originally designed to ensure overall comfort. The idea is that the mattress would mould to the shape of the individual and have limited response to movement. Since the introduction of gel-infused foam and open-cell technology, it has become the staple option for comfort. 

Let’s find out which memory foam mattress options are the best on the market today!

What Makes A Memory Foam Mattress Good?

Since these mattresses tend to be more expensive than their other counterparts, many people need some convincing before getting one. To help you figure out if the memory foam mattress would be ideal for your needs, we will look at some of the special features they offer. Here is a rundown of why a memory foam mattress is a great option:

Foam Density

One of the biggest draws is the foam density. These are often measured in cubic meters and will affect the weight significantly. As a rule of thumb, the denser the mattress, the higher the quality. These high-density options provide perfect spinal alignment and the ideal firmness with all the other benefits of memory foam.


Another important feature when choosing any mattress is firmness. For some people, a firm mattress would be highly important. The firmer your mattress the better comfort it would offer. If you are like me and you hate a saggy mattress, firmness would be one of the most important features to keep in mind.

Size And Thickness

Whilst the size does not have any bearing on the quality and is mostly dictated by what you can buy, the thickness is important. A thicker mattress might be denser, but also features more technology and layers. These are heavier, but they tend to be more comfortable and ensure a good night’s sleep for all.

Price & Warranty

Finally, you want to look at the price and warranty. Memory foam mattresses are expensive, which means you want a solid warranty that is at least 10 to 15 years. If you manage to find a solid sleep trial, it gives you more than enough time to figure out if this is the ideal mattress for your needs.

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses In The UK

Now that you have seen some of the features to look for, it stands to reason that you might want to know which mattresses are the best. With the above-mentioned features as a buying guide, I could find a variety of top options. Here are a few that you should consider looking at for your next memory foam mattress:

  1. Origin Hybrid Mattress

Arguably one of the best mattresses to make it onto the list is the Origin Hybrid Mattress. I had the opportunity to test the design and find out what the fuss is all about. The 6-layer construction ensures plenty of mattress density, but each layer brings something new to the table.

It features a 100% Natural Tencel at the uppermost layer, which is followed by a Hexagrid orthopaedic layer. The Hexagrid layer adapts to the shape and form of your body, whilst the Australian wool and bamboo foam layers ensure temperature control remains at 18.2°C (Optimal temperature recommended by sleep experts).

Finally, the Edge Support (CertiPUR-US® certified) and Antigravity springs would feel plush and offer pressure point support. Since many people might find the memory foam too soft, the Origin mattress is a hybrid, which offers some additional firmness. The convenience of the bed-in-a-box design also makes it an easy one to set up and can speed up delivery times.

  1. Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

The Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for all sleeping positions and is competitively priced. It already has numerous accolades and provides one of the most comfortable sleeping experiences. Whilst it does trap a little bit of heat, the Airgocell foam layer would help to dissipate as much as possible.

  1. Panda London Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

Made from BioCell Foam, the Panda London Hybrid Bamboo Mattress is a luxury soft mattress that also features a hybrid design. The natural benefits of bamboo can be found in this mattress. It is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Do note that there are some complaints about it being too firm.

  1. Simbatex Foam Mattress

Being an all-foam mattress, the Simbatex Foam Mattress makes it on the list with the four layers of foam that it provides. The combination of cooling foam and response foam makes the mattress perfect for temperature regulation, whilst the layers of foam combine to provide support. The firmness might be a bit low for some, but overall, this is a good option.

  1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Many find memory foam mattress tend to trap heat. This mattress comes with a quilted cooling cover that dissipates your body heat. Do note that some reviews have pointed out that the mattress has a very strong chemical odour at the start which takes quite a while to clear out.  

  1. Eve Lighter Foam Mattress

The Eve Lighter Foam Mattress is the perfect option for those strapped on cash. It is made from numerous layers of foam, which includes memory foam, but tends to lack some edge support. If you tend to sleep closer to the edge of the mattress, you risk falling off as a result. 

  1. Silentnight Memory Foam Mattress

Silentnight is one of the most popular brands in the UK. If you need a mattress in a rush, Silentnight is able to deliver the mattress within 48 hours. Their memory foam range also comes in quite a few firmness levels. 

  1. Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress

Dormeo’s memory foam mattress includes the Octaspring All-foam coil technology, which cradles your body. Whilst it might feel a bit firm for some, those who like it say that the mattress is comfortable and targets most of your pressure points.

  1. Relyon Memory Foam Mattress

The Relyon Memory Foam Mattress can be best described as a luxury and budget mattress option. They come in quite a huge variety, so you might be able to find a firmness level that suits you. One downside is that their sleep trial only lasts for 60 days, which is far too short for anyone to discern if they like the mattress. 

  1. John Lewis Memory Foam Mattress

Being one of the top brands for overall comfort, John Lewis is a luxury and expensive brand that puts plenty of focus on durability. They have numerous layers and some unique tech features that make the mattress firm and target pressure points. However, their budget options do lack some of these features.

Which One Is Best?

I have to stick to the Origin Hybrid Mattress when it comes to looking for the best memory foam mattress in UK. It is priced so affordably (especially with their current sale) and features a 15-years warranty. The bed-in-a-box feature makes setup easy and delivery takes place between 2 and 8 days. Don’t forget that you also have free shipping. If you are worried about whether this is the mattress for you, the 200-night sleep trial gives you more than 6 months to test the product. Get it now at a 40% discount

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