Leesa Mattress Review 2024

Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress VS Origin Hybrid Mattress

If you are looking for one of the softest mattress options on the market today, the Leesa mattress brand is one of the ideal options. It is estimated that their mattress lasts around 10 years, which is plenty of nights of comfortable sleep. However, some larger individuals might not find the mattress as the most comfortable option.

Before you buy your Leesa mattress, there are a few things you should know. One of these is that other brands also compare and often outscore the Leesa mattress when it comes to overall features. One such mattress would be the Origin Hybrid Mattress. To help you understand if this is the best mattress for you, we will compare the Origin and Leesa Hybrid Mattress options.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Vs Origin Hybrid Mattress: Which One Is Best?

Each mattress manufacturer has a set of different features they often implement when it comes to their designs. You must understand some of the essential features when drawing some of these comparisons. Fortunately, this is where we come in and the following features are best for comparing the top hybrid mattress options:

1. Number Of Layers

I always want to know how many layers a mattress manufacturer has included in their products. For this reason, I look deeply at the layers to understand which features are the most pronounced. For the Leesa Hybrid Mattress, the manufacturer has gone with two layers and a third layer of pocket springs that helps to keep the mattress comfortable. You have a high-airflow foam layer and a responsive top foam layer intertwined for the design.

On the other hand, Origin features a more luxurious design. They include 6 different layers, which all provide a unique take and different features. These layers consist of the 100% Tencel Fabric Layer, A Premium Australian Wool Layer, Natural Bamboo Foam Layer, CertiPUR-US® certified Edge Support, Antigravity springs, and a HexaGrid Orthopaedic Layer. These combine to provide exceptional support and pressure relief while offering you the ultimate back support.

Winner: Origin is by far the better option. The Origin Hybrid Mattress brings far more to the table and each layer intertwines with one another to complement the design.

2. Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is one of the most important features if you want pure, undisturbed rest. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress features more than 789 pocket springs that have been spread throughout the mattress to help provide adequate support and disperse some of the movement through it.

However, when we compare this to the Origin mattress, you see a layer of Antigravity Springs, which consists of LumbarCoils™ that are constructed from high-quality steel. These features combine to offer a high strength–to–weight ratio and significantly improve the overall durability of the design, which enables the weight to be evenly dispersed.

Winner: The Antigravity springs in the Origin Mattress are far better and would create an ideal zone that allows you to continue sleeping without being disturbed by someone or something moving.

3. Temperature Regulation

You always want to make sure that you can sleep at the ideal temperature. If the bed is too warm, you will turn around a lot at night. When it is too cold, you might need to add more layers. For the Leesa Hybrid Mattress, you will have a few pockets that enable the air to escape. These are low in number count but do a decent job of regulating temperature.

One of the reasons we love the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the Hexagrid Orthopaedic layer, which works together with the 100% Tencel Fabric Pillow-Top Layer. These two features allow for consistent airflow through the more than 10,000 ventilation holes spread throughout the mattress designs. Since the Goldilock zone of sleep temperature is 18.3°C, the Origin Hybrid Mattress would get you as close as possible to this.

Origin Hybrid Mattress

Winner: Leesa does not do a bad job at regulating temperature, but there could be a few additional things they could add. Origin has mastered the science of sleeping and aims to give you the perfect temperature. We would recommend Origin as the winner.

4. Trial, Refund, And Warranty Policies

Both of these brands understand that warranties and delivery are two important parts of selling your beds correctly. For this reason, Leesa offers you a solid 10-year warranty on their beds. Each mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and you will have free delivery. However, delivery might take some time.

Origin has mastered this aspect of the mattress-selling process. They include a 200-night risk-free sleep trial, which gives you more than 6 months to test out the mattresses. The 15-year warranty ensures that you will be guaranteed perfect sleep for years to come. This would allow you to invest in better sleep quality for an even longer period. The 2 to 8-business-day delivery is free and means your bed arrives as soon as possible.

Winner: Whilst both brands offer you a decent warranty, Origin offers almost double the amount of Leesa, along with quick and fast delivery. Thanks to this warranty, it clearly shows that they believe in their product.


If your choices boil down to the Leesa Hybrid Mattress and the Origin Hybrid Mattress, the Origin option would be the best to consider. I would choose the Origin Hybrid Mattress every day due to the quality features it offers. In terms of price, Origin is also much more affordable, making it the best value for money mattress in the market.

If Origin is the brand that you have chosen, you should head over to the Origin store now. You will receive a 40% discount, which makes it one of the most affordable, high-quality mattress out there. Additionally, the 200-night sleep-trial and 15-year warranty combines with free delivery. If you have been experiencing bad nights of sleep, you can upgrade your sleep experience now.

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