John Lewis Mattress Review 2024

Have you ever wondered why there are so many mattress brands in the market? After all, isn’t a mattress just a flat sleeping surface? While ultimately the goal is to quite simply, sleep through the night, it should be acknowledged that “sleeping” isn’t an activity to take lightly. 

More often than not, the kind or quality of sleep you get the night before is what will determine how your entire day is going to be. Did you know that the quality of your sleep is heavily dependent on the type of mattress you have? If you’re not sleeping on a mattress that suits you, you will not get the restful sleep you need. Now you understand why there are so many different mattress options on the market.

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of different mattresses on the market and there are different places you can get a mattress for yourself. While these mattresses may all look quite similar, they are actually very different in terms of quality. So where can you find the best mattres? In this article, we’ll be comparing two of the best sources of premium-quality mattresses currently in the market, Origin Mattress, and John Lewis Mattress.

About John Lewis

John Lewis isn’t primarily a mattress manufacturer, unlike Origin Mattress, which has experts in Germany to design its own line of products. Rather, John Lewis is a high-end department store brand that has several established store locations all across the UK.

Origin Hybrid Mattress vs. John Lewis Mattress

Although there are several John Lewis mattress options and they are known for being affordable, overall, Origin still wins. Why? Read on to find out! For this review, we’ll be comparing the Origin Hybrid Mattress with one of the best that John Lewis has to offer, the John Lewis Rolled Memory Foam Mattress.

1. Number Of Layers

To start with, let’s talk about the number of layers each of these mattresses have. If you don’t already know this, mattresses tend to have more than one layer (although that may not be evident when you’re looking at the exterior). Generally, the more layers a mattress has, the more comfortable it’s going to be.

This John Lewis Mattress only has three layers, including a 2 cm memory foam layer. The Origin Hybrid Mattress on the other hand has SIX layers, including a Hexagrid layer that helps add that extra bit of support and comfort. Origin does not win just because it has more layers, but because every single layer performs a specific function to provide the best sleep possible.

2. Motion Isolation

Next up we have motion isolation. Motion isolation refers to the ability of a mattress to mitigate the transfer of motion from one side of the bed to the other. This is important because it’ll prevent you from getting disturbed if your partner moves on or off the bed while you’re sleeping. If you wake up whenever your partner leaves the bed to pee, then chances are your mattress is not the best at isolating motion.

The John Lewis Mattress has a memory foam layer that is designed to perfectly mold to your body, thus ensuring limited motion transfer. However, it is still no match for the the Origin Hybrid Mattress. This is because it comes with individually-wrapped pocket springs that are strategically placed to guarantee excellent motion isolation. Springs move independently of one another and do not transfer motion from one side of the bed to the other. In addition to this, it also has a memory foam layer that contributes to its impressive motion isolation.

3. Durability

One common problem people face with their mattresses is that over time, they tend to sag at the edges. Not only is this unsightly but it also interferes with the level of comfort your mattress provides. Luckily, the Origin Hybrid Mattress has a unique Edge Support layer that’s specifically designed to prevent this from happening. This is especially important if you are getting on with age. As a mattress will last you close to a decade, you want to be sure that you can continue using it as it ages with you. A mattress that buckles around the edges will not be easy to get on and off.

Not just this, the Origin Hybrid Mattress has also undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it can last at least 15 years with minimal damage.

4. Firmness

Another thing you need to know about mattresses is that they have varying firmness levels. Some mattresses feel quite “hard” while others are so soft, you are practically drowning in the layers. The John Lewis Mattress has a medium firmness rating. This means it carefully cradles the line between being too soft and too firm. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress on the other hand has an innovative patent-pending Hexagrid orthopedic layer that provides the Goldilock’s level of firmness. It is firm enough to provide optimal back support, but soft enough to be plush and cosy. The Origin Hybrid Mattress caters to all kinds of preferences, so whether you want a firm mattress or something softer, you can’t go wrong with this mattress! Amazing, isn’t it?

5. Price

In this aspect, the John Lewis Mattress comes out on top since it is priced cheaper. That said, the difference isn’t all that great because the Origin Hybrid Mattress is currently priced at £299.00. A great bargain for a mattress so sophistically crafted. For something that will serve you every single night for a whole decade, shelling out a little bit more money to ensure you sleep well is undeniably worth it. 

In Summary

John Lewis Mattress

Origin Hybrid Mattress

Number Of Layers

3 Layers

6 Layers (including a Hexagrid Orthopedic Layer)

Motion Isolation







While the John Lewis Mattress may seem like the more wallet-friendly option, it’s the Origin Hybrid Mattress that truly delivers when it comes to value for your hard-earned cash. Not only does the Origin Hybrid Mattress come with unbeatable perks like free shipping and a 15-year warranty, it also offers a generous 200-night trial period. That means you can experience comfort and support it offers for yourself, without any risk or commitment. 

So why wait? Take advantage of the 40% off sale and order your Origin Hybrid Mattress today!

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