Hypnos Mattress Review 2024

Introduction of Hypnos Mattress

Hypnos is a mattress brand from the United Kingdom that has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of custom-made mattresses. Hypnos mattresses are also known for their luxurious designs and this is reflected in their high price tags.

Comparison Between Origin Mattress and Hypnos Mattress

Here are the results of the extensive comparison of the Origin Hybrid Mattress and the Hypnos Orthos Origins 5.

Temperature Regulation (Origin Mattress undoubtedly wins in this aspect)

It is clear that temperature regulation is not the main selling point of The Hypnos mattress as it merely relies on a single layer of British Wool to keep the bed cool and dry. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress on the other hand, not only contains Australian wool, but also has a layer of memory foam that is infused with cooling gel particles. These particles are specifically meant to keep your body as close to 18.3°C as possible, which is the ideal temperature for good sleep. The mattress cover is also made of 100% natural Tencel, which is both cooling and soft to the touch.

Motion Isolation (Origin Mattress easily takes the cake)

Motion isolation does not seem to be a key feature of the Hypnos mattress either. Though it features 5 turn pocket springs, those are for overall body support and not motion isolation. The Wool layers and support pads do little to minimise motion too. 

Origin Mattress is the leading expert on motion isolation. The individually pocketed springs were designed to move independently of one another. This means that when one partner moves, only the springs that are directly under them will move, which is hugely important in isolating movement. The Origin Mattress ensures that you will never wake from your partner tossing and turning. Say hello to peaceful and uninterrupted sleep with the Origin Hybrid Mattress.

Number of Layers (Origin Mattress wins hands down)

According to its brochure, the Hypnos mattress has 5 layers:

  1. British Wool
  2. eOlus recycled fibre support pad
  3. ReActive 5-turn pocket spring system 
  4. eOlus recycled fibre support pad 
  5. 220gsm British wool layer   

Evidently, though the Hypnos mattress contains 5 layers, many are repeated layers that do not feature any superior, innovative technology. 

The 6 layers of an Origin Hybrid Mattress:

  1. 100% Natural Tencel™
  2. HexaGrid Orthopedic Layer
  3. Made with Premium Australian Wool
  4. Natural Bamboo Foam
  5. Edge Support (CertiPUR-US® certified)
  6. Antigravity Springs

Origin Mattress does not just win with the number of layers, it also beats the Hypnos mattress in terms of innovation. Every layer of the Origin Hybrid Mattress is designed for a specific purpose. The 100% Natural Tencel layer is incredibly cool and soft to the touch, pampering your skin. The Hexagrid layer contains the cooling particles and also provides enhanced pressure relief. It does not just stop there, the middle third of this layer offers more support for your back as that is where most of your body weight would be. The Premium Australian Wool works to keep the bed dry and allows for air to flow. The Natural Bamboo Foam provides an additional layer of plushness that helps the mattress conform to your body and cradle your pressure points. The Edge Support is crucial in ensuring the sides of the bed do not buckle when there is weight on them, which means that getting on and off the bed is much easier. Lastly, the Antigravity Springs work to isolate motion and provide support for your body. 

Warranty, return, and refund policies (Needless to say, Origin Mattress wins)

Hypnos offers a 10-year guarantee on their mattresses. This covers any manufacturing defects and faults that may arise during the period. Hypnos has a 100-night sleep trial, during which customers can return their mattresses for any reason.

Origin offers a 15-year warranty on their mattresses which also covers any defects that may occur as a result of manufacturing. Origin also provides a 200-night sleep trial, during which customers can return their mattress for a 100% refund, no questions asked. Every Origin Mattress also comes with free delivery and returns. 

Price and Value (Origin Mattress provides fantastic value for money)

Hypnos mattress is a luxury mattress brand so their products are quite expensive. The Hypnos Orthos Origins 5 retails for a whopping £629.00 for the single size. 

Origin Mattress, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly brand that aims to offer affordable mattresses because everyone should have access to good sleep. Thus, the Origin Mattress provides excellent value for money. It is crafted from top-notch materials and customers recognise it for its low cost without sacrificing quality. You will be pleased to know that the Origin Hybrid Mattress sells for £299.00 for a single.

All in all, if you are in search of a luxury mattress with excellent workmanship and precise attention to detail then the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the best choice. 

Durability and Longevity (Origin wins hands down)

If you are interested in getting a Hypnos mattress, one important thing to note is that based on customer reviews, there have been complaints about the longevity and durability of Hypnos mattresses. It has been said that the Hypnos mattress will dip after just a few years of using it. You will never have to worry about durability and longevity with Origin Mattress.

Origin’s mattresses are designed to last longer than traditional memory foam mattresses. They use a unique hybrid design that combines memory foam, latex, and pocket springs. Origin Mattress also contains pocket springs that are made with the best materials to ensure a long lifespan. Furthermore, Origin’s mattresses undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they will last 15 years with virtually no problems.


The Origin Hybrid Mattress is crafted with premium materials to offer ultimate comfort and support. It provides a distinctive sleeping experience by integrating pocket springs and memory foam. Origin Mattress comes with a 200-day sleep trial period, a 15-year warranty, free shipping and returns and 100% refunds no questions asked to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Get your Origin hybrid mattress with 40% off now!

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