How to Deep Clean Your Mattress at Home

Did you know that the average person spends a third of their life sleeping? When we are spending so much time in bed, it is imperative that we maintain its cleanliness. 

Just like how we prefer to keep things hygienic- washing our clothes after every wear and cleaning our house periodically- it’s also important for us to ensure our sleep environment is germ and dirt free. However, throwing our bedsheets and pillow covers in the wash is not enough, you should also aim to clean your mattresses regularly.

Our mattresses collect a whole plethora of nasties like sweat, dust, stains, dirt, and dead skin. Sometimes you’ll even find insects lurking around in there too. It is thus understandably so that sleeping on a dirty mattress for six to eight hours a night can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and a disturbed immune system.

Therefore, we recommend you clean your mattresses every six months to maintain a hygienic sleep environment. You don’t have to clean your mattress as often as your bed sheets or pillow covers; it is sufficient to deep clean your mattress twice a year to prevent foul odours from spreading and for a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

How To Deep Clean Your Mattress

Now that you know why it is vital to keep your mattress clean, let us share 8 simple steps on how you can begin deep cleaning your mattress at home.

Step 1: Gather the Cleaning Supplies

In order to deep clean your mattress, you’ll need the following things we have enlisted below:

  • A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment
  • Laundry detergent or dishwashing soap
  • Baking soda
  • A piece of soft cloth or sponge
  • Cold and lukewarm water

Step 2: Wash Bedsheets and Pillows

Once you have gathered all your supplies, it’s time to remove the bedding and pillows. Give your bedsheets and pillows a hot wash and then dry them at high heat to eliminate bacteria.

Reminder: Please check the cleaning and care instructions on your pillows and beddings. If your pillows have removable covers, you can wash those too.

Step 3: Ventilate Your Bedroom

After removing all the bedding and pillows, open your bedroom windows to let in some fresh air. This process will help air your mattress. 

Step 4: Vacuum Your Mattress

You can then begin to vacuum your mattress to get rid of any dirt, dust, hair, or dead skin. To maximise effectiveness, you can utilise the upholstery attachment to make cleaning more effective.

Vacuuming is essential before cleaning the mattress with fluids like water. Otherwise, you would just be diluting the debris and may have to deal with an even bigger mess.

Step 5: Cleaning Stains from Mattress

Before cleaning off stains from your mattress, you first have to assess the damage. It is recommended that you remove stains by using a mixture of dishwashing soap or laundry detergent with lukewarm water.

The soap to water concentration depends on the intensity or size of stains you’re dealing with. Below are some easy steps to clean certain types of stains from your mattress.

Steps to Remove Food or Colouring Stains

Fret not! These stains are fairly easy to remove, and require just a little effort to remove. Just follow these straightforward steps and you should be good!

1.  Mix lukewarm water with some dishwashing soap.

2.  Apply the mixture on a soft cloth or sponge and gently dab it on the stain until it fades.

Steps to Remove Urine Stains

It’s common for children or infants to wet their beds and one can simply remove urine stains by following these easy steps.

1.    Mix dishwashing soap with lukewarm water.

2.    Apply the mixture on the urine stain and use paper towels to gently dab the stains until they disappear.

Note: for best results and cleanliness, constantly replace the paper towels as they get soaked.

Steps to Remove Blood Stains

Blood stains are pretty challenging to remove, and it follows a rather different approach from cleaning ordinary stains. However, we have your back! All you have to do is: 

1.       Add dishwashing soap or detergent in cold water and mix it properly

2.       Wet a soft cloth or sponge with this mixture.

3.       Now gently clean the blood stains from the mattress until the stain removes.

If you are dealing with dry blood stains, you may have to put more effort into dabbing and cleaning to fade the stains completely.

Step 6: Vacuum With Baking Soda

After cleaning with the detergent and water mixture, wait for the mattress to dry, then lightly sprinkle baking soda all over your mattress. Leave the baking soda on the mattress for a few hours before vacuuming the mattress. Make sure not to miss any spot.

To make the mattress smell more refreshing, add a few drops of essential oils, such as lavender oil, and sprinkle them over the mattress. Make sure not to overuse the essential oil in the baking soda to prevent the mattress from getting too damp.

Step 7: Flip the Mattress and Repeat the Process

Before doing this step, check if your mattress is designed to be double-sided or single-sided.

  • If your mattress is double-sided, flip the mattress and repeat steps 4 to 6.
  • If your mattress is single-sided, simply vacuum it from below to remove any dust or dirt.

Step 8: Place Your Clean Bedding

Finally, when you’re done cleaning your mattress, place the clean bedding and pillows on it. Now you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour and bask in the comfort and cleanliness of your super fresh bed.

How To Maintain Your Mattress

Unfortunately, it is insufficient to only deep clean your mattress periodically if you are not putting in the effort to maintain it with your daily usage. You can preserve your mattress’s lifespan and maintain its cleanliness by applying these quick and simple tips.

  • Provide proper support for your mattress by ensuring the bedframe and base fit well.
  • Use a good-quality mattress protector to guard it against spills, dust, and dirt.
  • Wash your pillows and bed sheets at least once a week, even if they are not soiled.
  • Get separate bedding and mattress for your pets.
  • Make sure to flip (if your mattress is designed for that) or rotate the mattress every once in a while.

Key Takeaways for Cleaning Mattresses

Since we have discussed a DIY process to clean your mattress, we have enlisted some preventive measures to perform before starting the cleaning process.

  • Take note not to use too much pressure when vacuuming; otherwise, it may damage the mattress’s surface.
  • Try not to use too much of the detergent or dishwashing soap mixture. Otherwise, it might seep deeper into the mattress which might make the odour worse or take longer to dry. 
  • Air your mattress every once in a while to prevent foul odours from spreading around in your room.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning directions if your mattress is made of any special fabric.
  • Avoid using too much water on the mattress, especially if it’s fitted with memory foam.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach. Otherwise, you may damage the mattress and reduce its lifespan.

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Deep cleaning your mattress is all about maintaining good hygiene, which is essential for your health. By following our DIY steps, you can rest assured knowing you are not sleeping on a bed of dirt and germs. 

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