Helix Mattress Review 2024

Have you ever laid eyes on or used the Helix Dusk Mattress before? If you have, you’ll certainly be aware that this mattress does tick a lot of the boxes for what you’ll expect to see in a top-quality mattress. That said, however, if you’ve gone mattress shopping (especially recently), you’ll be aware that there are lots of other impressive-looking mattresses on the market. So the question is, “Is the Helix Mattress the best available, or is there something even better?” Read on to find out!

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at two of the best mattress options on the market, the Origin Hybrid Mattress and the Helix Dusk Mattress, highlighting their features and ultimately concluding with which is the better option. Ready? Let’s go!

Origin Hybrid Mattress Vs. Helix Mattress

It should be said that while the Helix mattress is a pretty great mattress option in its own right, the Origin Hybrid Mattress seems to be the far better mattress choice but don’t just take our word for it, read on and discover the facts for yourself.

1. Temperature Regulation

To kick off this mattress comparison and review, we’ll talk about the temperature regulation properties of these two mattresses first. Now you may be wondering, “What does a mattress have to do with temperature regulation?” You see, temperature regulation here refers to the ability of a mattress to keep your body temperature at a perfect level while you’re sleeping to ensure you’re able to sleep comfortably.

The Helix Dusk Mattress has breathable premium cooling covers that effectively ensure air is able to circulate throughout the foam and draw heat away from your body. The Origin Hybrid Mattress, however, takes temperature regulation to a whole new level thanks to the fact that in addition to being breathable, it is also infused with cooling particles that help to keep your body at the optimal temperature for deeper sleep! 

So without any doubt, the Origin Hybrid Mattress wins in this category.

2. Pressure Relief

Now let’s talk about pressure relief. Have you ever slept on a mattress only to wake up some hours later feeling pains and aches all over your body? This is precisely why pressure relief is an important consideration for you when you’re looking to get a mattress. A mattress with proper pressure relief will support your body at all the “key” pressure points, thus ensuring you remain comfortable and enjoy excellent body support.

In this category, the Origin Hybrid Mattress again comes out on top thanks to the fact that it offers amazing body support. This mattress’s unique HexaGrid layer guarantees enhanced lumbar support and superior pressure point cradling. The Helix mattress, on the other hand, also offers support, but it lacks any lumbar support features.

3. Number Of Layers

Next up, we have to look into the layers in each mattress. Mattresses may look like one “single” entity, but are actually made up of multiple different layers. The number of layers often determines how sturdy a mattress is going to be in the long run. It also plays a part in a mattress’s firmness levels.

The Helix Dusk mattress is made up of 5 different layers that sync together to give it a comfortable and sturdy build overall. The Origin Hybrid Mattress, however, has an even more impressive 6-layer build, including its unique HexaGrid layer. So without any doubt, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is superior in this aspect, and you can reasonably expect it to be the more durable option.

4. Sag Resistance

Speaking of durability, let’s talk about sag resistance. Sag resistance simply refers to the ability of your mattress to resist deformation during use, especially at the edges. This is an important consideration because sags in the mattress negatively affects your comfortability.

The Helix mattress offers lengthwise (2-sided) structural reinforcement, and this helps it offer decent edge support. However, in terms of sag resistance, the Origin Hybrid Mattress reigns supreme. Apart from having an impressive 6-layer build, this mattress also has corners reinforced with premium-quality, individually wrapped pocket springs that effectively prevent mattress sagging.

5. Price and Value

While it’s important to consider the various features of a mattress, it’s ultimately the price and value the mattress provides that determines whether you’ll buy it or not. The Helix mattress is currently selling at $1,099 (about £885), a reasonable price for its quality.

However, the Origin Hybrid Mattress offers the best value for money. Unlike the Helix mattress, it is currently priced at £299.00, an extremely worth-it valuation for the quality it offers.


Origin Hybrid Mattress

Helix Dusk Mattress

Temperature Regulation

Pressure Relief

Number Of Layers

6 (With HexaGrid layer)

5 Layers

Sag Resistance

Lumbar Support



Motion Isolation





15-year Warranty

10 to 15-year Warranty


It’s pretty evident that the Origin Hybrid Mattress is a must-have for every home. There’s never been a better time to make the switch! Origin is offering an amazing 40% discount, a 15-year warranty, and free shipping on every purchase! So grab one today and experience the most restful and rejuvenating sleep every night!

Still trying to decide if the Origin Hybrid Mattress is right for you? Don’t worry, because Origin provides a 200-night trial period that allows you to experience the comfort and quality for yourself. We’re confident that you won’t want to part ways with it once you try it!

Don’t settle for restless nights and uncomfortable sleep – upgrade to the Origin Hybrid Mattress today! Start enjoying the best sleep of your life!

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