Emma Mattress Review 2024

Comparing two online brands that sell mattresses can be quite challenging. To make an informed decision about which mattress suits your requirements the best, you need to consider a few crucial factors.

Firstly, assess the range and qualities of the mattresses available. These brands may offer various mattresses, such as memory foam, hybrid, or traditional innerspring. Take note of the types of mattresses each has and decide which one meets your needs most effectively.

Secondly, pricing is an essential factor to take into account. Mattresses can be quite expensive. It is recommended to compare the prices of the mattresses on both websites to determine which offers the best deal.

Lastly, compare each store’s warranty, refunds, shipping, and delivery options. Although many stores may provide free shipping, double-check the delivery time, fees, and any additional expenses associated with delivery.

Comparison of Origin Mattress and Emma Mattress

Origin Mattress and Emma Mattress are well-known online mattress brands that have established themselves as reputable options in the mattress industry. This comparison will pit the Origin Hybrid Mattress against the Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress.

Motion Isolation (Winner: Origin)

The Origin Mattress is a premium bed item that was intentionally designed to limit motion transfer on its surface. This is made possible by using a distinct blend of components- the high-density foam and pocket springs. The main objective of is to isolate motion effectively, ensuring that users experience a night of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. The layer of memory foam in the mattress adjusts to the contours of the body, resulting in a personalised fit that aids in absorbing motion. The Origin mattress is also equipped with pocket springs, which are coils that are separately wrapped and offer focused support, thereby assisting in minimising motion transfer. The layer of high-density foam in the Origin Mattress adds extra support and steadiness to the mattress, thereby further decreasing motion transfer. This layer is also created to offer exceptional pressure relief, which can aid in reducing discomfort and enhancing your sleep experience.

The Emma Mattress is proficient at motion isolation because of the combination of its top layer made of Airgocell foam and a memory foam layer. The top layer and the memory foam help to contain motion and prevent it from disturbing the other end of the bed. 

Overall, both mattresses are great at minimising motion transfer, making them ideal choices for couples sensitive to being disturbed by their partner’s movements during the night. However, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is simply more sophisticated and well-designed.

Temperature Regulation (Winner: Origin)

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has a 6-layer design, with every layer intentionally chosen for a specific purpose. The topmost layer is made of 100% natural Tencel that feels very cooling (and luxurious) on the skin. The next layer is the HexaGrid Orthopaedic layer which is infused with cooling gel particles that work to keep your body as close to 18.3°C (the ideal temperature for sleeping) as possible. The premium Australian Wool and natural Bamboo foam wick any moisture away, promote breathability and prevent heat buildup.

On the other hand, the Emma mattress comprises 5 layers, of which 4 are made of foam. While undoubtedly comfortable, foam is notorious for trapping heat, which means that you would basically be sleeping on top of a heater. This mattress is not suitable for those who often find themselves waking up hot and sweaty. 

Firmness (Winner: Origin) 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is rated medium-firm. It was designed to be firm enough to provide optimal back support but soft enough to be plush and cosy. A mattress on the firmer side is especially important for people who suffer from back or joint pain. This is because firm mattresses are better at cradling your pressure points and providing the support your body needs. 

The Emma hybrid Mattress is rated medium-soft, which may be quite disadvantageous. It is less supportive and would not be recommended for people with back problems. This is because spinal alignment tends to be off with softer mattresses. 

Price and Value (Winner: Origin)

Origin Mattress is definitely reasonably priced, especially when compared to Emma. The Origin Mattress is priced much lower than the Emma Mattress, which may be a critical consideration for some purchasers. Even though the Origin Mattress is way more affordable, it does not compromise on quality or durability, providing users with excellent value for their money.

For a King sized mattress, the Emma Hybrid premium mattress currently retails for £1553. The Origin Hybrid Mattress sells for £429, less than a third of the price. Yet despite this huge difference in price, the Origin Mattress comes chock-full of benefits and unique features. Origin definitely provides excellent value in terms of quality, comfort, and support. At such a low price, you would think that the mattress is nothing more than a piece of glorified foam. Yet, the Origin Hybrid Mattress comprises highly advanced designs, including the patent-pending HexaGrid layer. This is because the team at Origin genuinely believe that everyone should have access to good sleep and are willing to lower their profit margins for this. If you prefer multiple firmness options and a hybrid design that incorporates pocket springs, the Origin Mattress would be an excellent choice for you. 

Warranty, sleep trials, and refunds policies (Origin)

There are some differences between the Origin Mattress and Emma Mattress regarding the warranty, sleep trial, and refunds. Origin Mattress provides a more extended warranty period of 15 years, whereas the Emma’s is 10 years. In terms of sleep trials, Origin offers a 200-night sleep trial, 100 days longer than the sleep trial Emma offers. The great news is that both brands offer 100% refund if you find that you are unhappy with your purchase. So you can definitely buy a mattress from either brand without any worries.

Real Testimonial From Customers

Don’t believe how amazing the Origin Hybrid Mattress is? Read some of the reviews left by actual customers who absolutely loved their mattresses.

Better than the rest!

I tried the other popular mattress-in-the-box companies, “K” and “E.” Origin’s mattress was the best by far. Firm but not like you’re lying on cement, plus no drooping in the center or outer edges. I’ve used this mattress with and without their mattress topper, and both options are great. The topper gives it more of a luxe feel. We’re 4 months into using this mattress and won’t be returning it! Highly recommended if you have back pain. About to buy another for the guest bedroom 10/10. – Sasithorn gave Origin Mattress a 5-star rating

Really Comfortable and doesn’t set off my back

Slightly firmer, which I really like. Doesnt set off my back like a lit of softer mattresses, but it also isn’t so firm it’s uncomfortable. It probably takes 3 or 4 nights to get used to, but the change is worth it. – Jake gave Origin Mattress a 5-star rating


The Emma hybrid mattress has some advantages and strong points. However, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is better because of its superior motion isolation technology and price. Finding mattresses with affordable options without compromising quality can be challenging, but it’s possible with Origin. Get the Origin Hybrid Mattress at 40% off now! With the 15-year warranty, 200-day trial and free shipping, you definitely have nothing to lose!

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