Dormeo Mattress Review 2024

Dormeo Latex Hybrid Mattress vs Origin Hybrid Mattress

Dormeo is one of the leading mattress stores when it comes to variety. With more than 50 different mattress options for you to choose from, it begs the question; are they truly high quality and value for money?

Offering a vast variety of options, it is no surprise how popular Dormeo is in the UK and Europe. To ascertain if their mattresses are truly quality, we must dive deeper and look at how their mattresses stack up to others in the market. We’ll be comparing the Dormeo Latex Hybrid Mattress with another highly regarded hybrid mattress, the Origin Hybrid Mattress.

Dormeo Mattress Vs Origin Mattress: Which One Is Best?

To better determine which mattress suits your needs, we have broken the essential factors up into a variety of features. Understanding these features ensures that the mattress you choose fits you perfectly. These are the important features to keep in mind:

1. Temperature Regulation

One quintessential factor to consider when buying a new mattress is temperature regulation. You must know how the mattress regulates heat, helping you sleep at night. Dormeo has introduced airmesh sides, which helps move out some of the heat and ensure air circulation.

On the other hand, the Origin Hybrid Mattress features a HexaGrid Orthopaedic layer, which is infused with cooling particles to keep your body close to 18.3°C; the ideal temperature for deep sleep. It also boasts of a 100% Natural Tencel Pillow-Top layer, which is soft and breathable. This tencel layer has over 10,000 ventilation holes, allowing constant air flow while being plush and comfy, helping you achieve the Goldilock Zone for a perfect night’s sleep.

Verdict: Although Dormeo has temperature regulating properties, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the far better option for those that want to sleep at the perfect temperature.

2. Motion Isolation

Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with a mattress that bounces and nudges you around when your partner or pet moves. Fortunately, the Dormeo mattress has individually placed pocket springs that allows each spring to move independently. However, some motion can still be felt from the ends of the mattress should your partner or pet be heavy enough.

Origin, on the other hand, has eradicated this problem. Featuring a layer of Antigravity Springs consisting of LumbarCoils™ made of tempered steel with high strength-to-weight ratio, the mattress becomes highly durable and effective at erasing motion. The coils are individually encased in tear-resistant fabric casings, allowing weight to be dispersed evenly, preventing any sort of motion transfer.

Verdict: The innovation and technology that the Origin Hybrid Mattress encompasses in motion isolation far excels its competition.

3. Number Of Layers

When it comes to the number of layers, my experience with mattresses has shown me that very few can compete with the Origin Hybrid Mattress. The Dormeo mattress has three layers that consist of the pocket spring layer, the resting ecocell layer, and a responsive layer of latex. These will adapt to the motion and shape of your body.

For the Origin Hybrid Mattress, you have access to 6 different layers. These include a 100% Tencel Fabric layer, Premium Australian Wool layer, Natural Bamboo Foam layer, CertiPUR-US® certified Edge Support layer and an Antigravity Spring layer. However, the most important layer is the cutting edge HexaGrid Orthopaedic layer. This layer provides superior pressure relief and enhanced back support, helping you relieve joint pain and providing cradling comfort, all while regulating temperature.

Verdict: Few mattresses can compete with what Origin brings to the table. With numerous layers serving different purposes to ensure a perfect sleeping experience, the Origin Hybrid Mattress comes out on top.

4. Trial, Refund, And Warranty Policies

Since buying a mattress is a hefty investment, you will need to make sure that you consider warranty and trial. Fortunately, both brands offer a trial period with warranty. The Dormeo mattress comes with a 60-night trial and 1-Year warranty, which is extremely short in the mattress industry.

However, when it comes to the Origin Hybrid Mattress, you have a much larger leeway, with a 200-day sleep trial leaving you with more than 6 months to love their mattress, allowing a full refund if you are unsatisfied. The Origin Hybrid Mattress also comes with a 15-Year warranty, much longer than the Dormeo mattress, allowing you to invest in quality sleep for a longer time. Additionally, Origin provides free delivery and ensures that your mattress shows up at your doorstep within 2 to 8 business days, what a bargain!

Verdict: Once again, the Origin Hybrid Mattress offers more. Origin offers you a far better trial and warranty to show that they care about your sleep, and that they are confident in their mattress.


Between the Dormeo Latex Hybrid Mattress and Origin Hybrid Mattress, I would hands down choose Origin every time. The features Origin provides far exceeds Dormeo, at a similar price point, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is a no-brainer for someone looking for the best.

If you head over to the Origin store now, you can get a whopping 40% discount! The mattress comes included with a 200-day risk-free sleep trial, 15-Year warranty, along with free delivery. The mattress should arrive at your doorstep within 2- 8 business days. Upgrade your sleep now!

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