Origin – A High Quality but Cheap Mattress

What comes to most people’s minds when they hear the word “cheap mattress” is “low-quality mattress,” which is pretty ridiculous as not all cheap mattresses are of substandard quality. A high-quality but cheap mattress refers to a bed of affordable price that offers support, durability, and comfort.

A good mattress with a fantastic warranty, solid construction, and the ability to provide a good sleeping experience can be priced affordably. Such mattresses are made from various materials, such as springs and foams and can be purchased from either physical or online bed stores (P.S. if you are wondering which is the better option, you can read our article on this). The most important thing is getting a mattress for the best value of your money. That is a mattress of quality and durability, such as the Origin Mattress.

A mattress is a long-term investment, with most mattresses lasting at least a decade. You will therefore want to do your due diligence and ensure that you are purchasing a quality mattress that will last without breaking the bank. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed of regrets, would you? 

Why Origin is a Cheap but High-quality Mattress

Origin Mattress is the leading mattress brand in the UK. We deliver top-notch mattresses with cutting-edge mattress technology, top-tier German engineering, and updated sleep science backed by rigorous testing.

Origin Mattress provides mattresses that challenge the notion that cheap mattresses cannot be of high quality. We aim to meet customers’ needs. If you want a supportive and comfortable bed at an affordable price, we are the perfect option. The dire need for cheap but quality mattresses is evident with the increased google search for “Cheap Mattress UK.” Their mission to enhance sound sleep is met by the mattresses they provide without regard for any budget. They are the home of comfortable beds at an accessible price.

Here Are the Sizes and Prices of Our Origin Hybrid Mattress

Origin Hybrid Mattress is a must-have for anyone who wants the best sleep experience.

Origin Mattress Size

Origin Mattress Price

Single (90x190cm)


Small Double (120x190cm)


Double (135x190cm)


King (150x200cm) 


Super King (180x200cm)


Features of the High-quality Origin Mattress

Origin Mattress is a combination of innovative technology and different materials made with care and adequately tested with a unique set of features such as:

●  Pocket springs

●  Memory foam

●  Breathable materials

●  Durable construction

●  Edge Support

●  Motion isolation to reduce motion transfer

Several vital factors enhance the high quality of original mattresses. Some of these factors include:

Premium materials: All our mattresses are made from top-quality materials sourced from the best places.

Top-tier designs: Origin boasts of state-of-the-art technologies and creative designs. Thus, our mattress provides comfort while looking elegant.

Experienced craftsmanship: As a company, we are committed to excellence. Hence, we have engaged expert craftsmen who are well-equipped with the knowledge of constructing solid mattresses.

Good Customer relationship: At Origin, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, the constant improvement of all our products to cater to the needs and preferences of our customers.

Warranty and Guarantee: We have a 15 years warranty on all our products. Our 200-day trial period is second to none. We also provide free delivery services to our customers with a 100% refund policy should they be dissatisfied. With Origin Mattress, you get to save more money.

Price Comparison of Origin Mattress and Other Mattresses in the Market.

We offer the best on all levels. Here are some of the results of the price survey.

Emma Premium Mattress

Simba Hybrid Mattress

Otty Original Hybrid Mattress

Price (King)





Mattress Type


(With Hexagrid)

6-layer Hybrid

5-layer hybrid

6-layer hybrid

Foam Type

Cooling gel memory foam

Memory foam

Memory foam

Memory foam

Pocket springs




Motion Isolation




What Customers Have to Say about Origin’s Affordability

Origin Mattress has outstanding reviews on Trustpilot. These are from people who purchased the high quality but cheap Origin Hybrid Mattress.

An Excellent Mattress and an affordable price

This mattress is a lifesaver! It provides the best sleep ever, and you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. It is one of the best purchases I have made. I recommend it to anyone, especially those with existing back issues. You won’t regret purchasing this mattress. – Sam rated the Origin Hybrid Mattress 5 out of 5 stars

Uninterrupted Sleep, Finally

Finally, I decided to choose a hybrid mattress, as my partner kept complaining about indirectly waking her up in the middle of the night. Origin Mattress came to mind as it’s relatively affordable and includes everything I’m looking for in a mattress.
Keith rated the Origin Hybrid Mattress 5 out of 5 stars

Best mattress ever!

Huge call, but this is definitely the BEST mattress I have slept on! Since sleeping on it, I have genuinely noticed the quality of my sleep has improved so much. My partner has always had a sore back in the mornings and has suddenly stopped complaining. Coincidence…? I think not! I also absolutely love the zero motion transfer as I am a light sleeper and can easily get disturbed when my partner and dog constantly move around or get up in the middle of the night for a snack/toilet run, haha. Such excellent quality for the price, and I now understand the hype. Highly recommend! – Nelly rated the Origin Hybrid Mattress 5 out of 5 stars


It is difficult to find a cheap mattress that is of high quality but that is what the dedicated team at Origin Mattress aims to provide. You would think that for such a cheap mattress, Origin Mattress will skimp on their warranty and refund policy. But you will be surprised to know that Origin Mattress provides a 15-year warranty, 200-night sleep, and free delivery. Origin Mattress is able to do this by lowering their profit margins because they believe that everyone should have access to impeccably crafted mattresses. You can even get their cheap hybrid mattress at an even lower price. Amazing, right? They are currently running a 40% off sale. What are you waiting for? Cop yours now!

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