How To Buy The Best Beds

Given how much time we spend sleeping, there is no denying the importance of a good mattress that fits your every need. The best bed depends on a quality mattress to fully serve its purpose of providing you with a good night’s sleep. Since the most important part of a bed is the mattress, a good mattress is one of the best investments that will improve your overall quality of life.

A good mattress should contour to your body’s shape and provide adequate spinal alignment, pressure relief, and support while also ensuring a comfortable level of cushioning so that you don’t wake up feeling achy.

The mattress is also the foundation upon which all other bedding components are built. With a good mattress, sheets, comforters, and pillows will be more comfortable and supportive. Furthermore, the quality of the mattress will also determine how long it will last and how well it maintains its shape.

What Qualities Should The Best Beds Have?

For a good night’s rest, it’s crucial to have a bed that offers comfort and support. To ensure you are getting the ideal bed, certain features should be considered. Here are some of the qualities that the best beds have:


One of the most vital qualities of a good bed is comfort. A good bed should provide a comfortable sleeping surface that supports the body and helps to reduce pressure points. This will reduce pain and discomfort, leading to better quality sleep and improved overall health.


A good bed should also provide adequate support for the body. This is crucial in keeping the spine in a neutral position which will significantly reduce pain and improve sleep quality. A bad bed can contribute to poor posture, back pain, and other health problems.

Motion Isolation:

Ever woken up because of your partner tossing and turning? Motion isolation, which means minimising motion transfer between sleeping partners, is the key to annihilating this issue. It is particularly important for couples with different sleep patterns or those who are particularly sensitive to movement during sleep.


A good bed should be made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. This ensures that the bed will provide a comfortable sleeping surface for many years. A durable bed is also a good investment because it can save money over time by reducing the need to replace the bed frequently. With prolonged use, beds will inevitably sink over time due to the user’s weight. However, making sure you are purchasing a mattress from a reputable brand with a comprehensive warranty coverage will help you save a ton of money in the long run.

Pillow Top Material

A popular type of mattress is a pillow top mattress as it is typically more plush. A pillow top is a layer of padding sewn onto the top of a mattress, providing additional cushioning and comfort. The quality of a pillow top can be an important factor in determining how good the bed is, as it is the first layer of cushion between your body and the mattress.

Temperature Regulation:

If you are prone to waking up through the night due to the heat, your mattress likely is not built to regulate your body’s temperature. With a mattress that features temperature regulating technology, you will be able to mitigate this issue and enjoy a full night’s rest. A mattress that doesn’t regulate temperature properly can cause discomfort, dehydration, restlessness, and even disrupt sleep.

The Best Beds May Differ For Different Individuals

Finding the ideal bed for your individual needs is not a straightforward task. Your needs may differ from someone else’s, and your body type, sleep position, and personal preferences can all play a role in determining the right one for you. Therefore, these factors need to be taken into account when making your decision.

Sleeping Positions

Your natural sleeping position will determine the mattress most comfortable for you. Here are some examples of sleeping positions and the types of mattresses that may be best suited for each:

Back Sleepers

If you prefer sleeping on your back, we recommend a medium-firm or firm mattress. This will provide your spine with better support and prevent it from bending abnormally.

Side Sleepers

If you typically sleep on your side, a mattress that offers a bit of softness may be more comfortable for you, primarily to support your hips and shoulders. A memory foam or hybrid mattress with a soft upper layer could be a viable option.

Stomach Sleepers

If you are prone to sleeping on your stomach, a firmer mattress can be advantageous for you because it can help maintain a neutral position for your spine. We recommend a latex or innerspring mattress. 

Combination Sleepers

If you find yourself changing your sleep positions frequently during the night, it will be best to find a versatile mattress that can offer support in multiple positions. A hybrid mattress that is medium-firm or medium-soft would be a sensible option for you.

Specific Types of Sleepers 

Different sleepers, such as the pregnant, elderly, and those suffering from back pain, will have varying needs when it comes to choosing a suitable mattress.

Pregnant People

Pregnant individuals may find medium-firm to firm mattresses helpful for supporting their growing belly and preventing it from sinking too much. Additionally, a pregnancy pillow can offer extra comfort and support.


As individuals get older, they may develop joint and muscle aches, making it crucial to have a supportive and comfortable mattress. For elderly sleepers, a memory foam or latex mattress can offer the required support and comfort.

People with Back Pain

If you experience back pain, a medium-firm mattress can offer the required support to maintain proper spinal alignment. A memory foam or latex mattress is also suitable for those with back pain, as they provide pressure relief and support.

Why the best beds come from Origin Mattress

Origin Mattress is an online mattress store in the United Kingdom that provides top-notch mattresses at reasonable prices. Their approach involves utilizing exceptional German engineering, incorporating cutting-edge knowledge and innovations in sleep science and mattress technology, and conducting comprehensive sleep assessments to develop the absolute best product.

Origin’s best selling product, the Origin Hybrid Mattress, combines foam and pocket springs to provide optimal support and comfort for all types of sleeping positions and needs. The Origin Hybrid Mattress has all the qualities that make a good mattress, and is guaranteed to last with their 15 year warranty.


The Origin Hybrid Mattress is made with a combination of high-density foam and pocket springs, which provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

Superior Pressure Relief

The foam conforms to the body and helps to reduce pressure points, while the pocket springs provide a supportive base.

Enhanced Back Support

It also helps to maintain the spine in a neutral position and distribute body weight evenly, which can reduce pain and improve sleep quality.


The Origin Mattress is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The foam and pocket springs are designed to maintain their shape and support for many years, even with regular use.

Temperature Regulation

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is designed with a breathable Tencel cover and a layer of foam that allows for good airflow, which can help to regulate body temperature and reduce sweating and overheating.

Motion Isolation

The pocket springs in the Origin Mattress are individually wrapped which helps to severely reduce motion transfer between sleeping partners. This will minimise sleep disturbances and improve sleep quality for both partners.

Shipping, Warranty and Sleep Trial

Origin provides free shipping and an extensive 200-day sleep trial period, which allows for the testing of their products. On the off chance that you are unhappy with your mattress, they also provide a 100% refund no questions asked.


Finding the best bed can be a challenging task, but it’s a journey worth taking. A good night’s sleep is vital for your health and well-being, and investing in a high-quality mattress can make a significant difference. It can be overwhelming to navigate the thousands of options in the market. So look no further! The Origin Hybrid Mattress has come to your rescue. Origin’s mattresses are highly regarded due to their use of quality materials, innovative design, and extensive testing, which combine to create products that offer exceptional comfort, support, and durability. With free shipping, a 200-night trial and 15 years warranty, what more could you ask for? There is currently a 40% sale off the Origin Hybrid Mattress. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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